Understanding Why You Should Have Your Trees Trimmed

Understanding Why You Should Have Your Trees Trimmed

10 December 2020
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Tree trimming is one of the most common maintenance jobs carried out by tree surgeons, and a tree should always be trimmed by a skilled practitioner with an understanding of tree biology to prevent a tree's life being shortened or disease being introduced through the trimmed branches. You may wonder if it's really necessary to have trees trimmed since trees in a forest do just fine without any interference. However, planted trees in residential areas should be maintained in such a way that preserves their structural integrity and the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Here are a few reasons to have your trees trimmed:

Mitigation Of Risk

When branches become heavy or start to hang over power lines, your property or neighbouring property, they should be trimmed back. You could find yourself being held responsible for damage to a neighbouring property if a branch from your tree snaps off, or you could find yourself having to fork out for costly repairs to your own property due to your home insurance provider not covering damage caused by trees.

Improving Form

Having your tree trimmed can also allow you to determine the shape of the tree and ensure it blends in and complements the natural landscape rather than stands out due to the branches appearing unruly and chaotic. Additionally, if you have a large tree that hangs over a substantial area of your garden, it can be trimmed to improve the amount of light reaching the landscape below, which may be useful if you have flower beds that are perpetually in the shade or grass that's turning brown due to lack of sunlight.

Boosting Growth And Crop Production

If you have fruit or nut trees in your garden, having them trimmed once a year will help them grow new and productive branches that yield a larger crop. Older branches stop producing and can prevent new growth, so although it seems counterintuitive to trim back branches that have previously provided a heavy crop of fruit or nuts, doing so allows the trees to keep producing year after year. Older branches are also more likely to develop disease or rot, which can wipe out a year's worth of fruit or even kill off the affected tree.

If you have trees in your garden that haven't been trimmed in the last year or so, book a tree survey with your local tree surgeon. They will assess the health and structural stability of your trees and set out an action plan for keeping your trees in tiptop condition.   

If you have additional questions about tree trimming, contact a local tree service.