Tree Care: 5 TopTips

Tree Care: 5 TopTips

12 November 2021
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If you're thinking about planting a tree in your garden for the first time, you may be looking for advice that will help you to care for the tree as it grows. Here are five tree care tips that will help your garden trees grow tall and healthy.


Regular weeding is a must when you are growing a young sapling. The tree will want to grow large and tall, but weeds can compete with it for nutrients and water. With a small tree, you should be able to pull the weeds out by hand, but you might need a strimmer if your tree grows too big or you don't have time for this task each day. Adding a layer of mulch to the base of the tree can also help to keep weeds down.


Another important part of ensuring your tree thrives is frequent watering. Tree roots need to stay moist in order to absorb nutrients and grow well. You should check the ground surrounding the tree on a regular basis. If it appears dry, use a watering can or hose to moisten it.


It's generally recommended to add time-release tree fertiliser pellets to the tree's root zone for best tree care results. Fertiliser pellets are designed so that, over time, they release trace amounts of fertiliser into the soil directly around the tree's roots. That way, the plant gets everything it needs.


As your tree grows in size, it may also need to be pruned. Pruning should be done using secateurs. All you need to do is make a clean cut at the point where a branch or twig goes from one tree section to another. This will ensure that each tree branch can grow unrestricted and remain healthy.


As your tree grows, it's important to protect it from extreme weather conditions or animals that may wish to eat the bark. You can do this by attaching plastic tree guards. The guard is a plastic tube that sits over the bark of the tree, creating a barrier against high winds and herbivores teeth. An additional advantage is that the plastic tube can act as a greenhouse, helping to reduce the level of stress the young plant experiences.

If you would like to find out more about caring for a young tree, you should contact a local tree service today. A tree care service can provide further information.