Additional Costs You May Incur With Tree Removal

Additional Costs You May Incur With Tree Removal

23 December 2019
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With a little comparison shopping, you should be able to find a professional tree removal company charging a rate that suits your budget. Before accepting a quote, you may want to ask questions about the particulars that are included in the price.

More likely than not, the price quoted is for the actual tree removal itself. However, there may be additional charges that you may need to factor in, including the following.

1. Cost Of Obtaining A Permit

Depending on your local zoning laws and the type and size of your tree, you may need to acquire a permit from your local council for tree removal.

In this case, you will be required to pay a fee when you lodge your application. You may also have to pay for an arborist's report, which will ultimately determine whether or not the council approves your application.

2. Stump Removal Costs

Instead of leaving that stump to sit out in your backyard, why not get it removed when the crew from the tree removal company comes around to cut down your tree?

The cost for this service is usually not included in the quote you get. You can get a good discount if you engage the same company for both services instead of bringing in a different company later on to remove the stump.

3. Cost Of Taking Care of The Removed Tree Parts

Whether you want to have some logs split from the removed trees, or you need them chipped, you can talk to your tree removal service about whether or not they offer these extra services. You can very well choose to have the company haul away the removed branches.

Most tree removal service companies do offer these services and have the equipment to do a job of it. You will, however, need to pay a little extra for the same.

4. Service Call-Out Fee

If you decide to go for a tree removal company based a little out of your way, then travel costs may apply. Professional companies will not try to sneak this in as a hidden cost of sorts but will be upfront about it. To avoid this cost, you may want to consider going to a local company within your area.

A professional tree removal company will have no objection to guiding you through what is and what isn't included in the quote. Knowing what you will be paying for can help you budget better for the service.