How to Take Care Of Your Trees

How to Take Care Of Your Trees

9 January 2020
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A healthy tree provides pleasant shade, clean air and a conducive living environment. Conversely, a sick tree creates a dull climate and causes hazardous risks. For this reason, it is essential to take care of your tree throughout its life, irrespective of age. You should also hire arborists who will regularly inspect the trees for any diseases or disorders and administer the necessary corrective measures. 

Signs that your tree is unhealthy

Trees show various warning signs when they are unwell. Although the symptoms vary from one tree to another, understanding them helps to create immediate solutions before the situation worsens. Here are the main warning signs:

  • Dead leaves and branches
  • Presence of moulds and age at the trunk of the tree
  • Soft spots and open wounds
  • Immature falling of leaves while the other trees of the same species are still intact
  • Drooping and wilted leaves
  • Destruction as a result of insects
  • Substantial reduction in the amount of fruit production
  • Vertical cracks on the trunk
  • Change in colour on the leaves, roots or the entire tree
  • Weak branches

What to do if you spot the above signs

The above signs imply different conditions. They could mean that the tree is not getting the right nutrients, such as water. They could also mean that the trees lack enough sunlight. In some extreme cases, the above warning signs could be a result of tree infection or a general sickness. Therefore, you should not ignore any symptom. Call a professional arborist immediately to carry out an in-depth examination of the trees.

Although you can still do a DIY treatment to solve the problem, an arborist is the best fit for the job due to the following reasons:

Arborists are tree experts

Arborists go through training sessions that familiarise them with all types of trees species and all diseases which affect them. They have the right skills to provide permanent solutions to tree issues.

An arborist will save you time and money

You will spend a substantial amount of time and money trying to research the problem and solve it. An arborist will handle the issue within a short period.

Arborists offer free advice

Other than treating the current problem, tree experts provide reliable solutions and tips to help maintain your trees in a better way.

You cannot fully control tree disorders. Luckily, you can notice them early and solve them before they become deadly for your trees. Hire a professional arborist today and your trees will stay healthy and you will stay free of concerns.