Three Reasons for Tree Removal

Three Reasons for Tree Removal

13 February 2020
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Tree removal is not something that you do on a daily basis. It is often a labour-intensive exercise that requires the help of a professional tree removal company. There are three main reasons that would make it necessary to have a tree in your backyard removed.

These reasons are discussed in greater detail in the article below.

Residential Safety

Safety is one of the key reasons that make residential tree removal a necessary exercise. For example, your safety is compromised when overgrown trees have their branches growing too close to overhanging electrical power lines.

If this is the first time you have noticed the wayward branches, cutting them off and bringing the tree down to an appropriate size will suffice and you will not necessarily have to call in a tree removal company.

However, if you have had a similar problem with the same tree, it is likely that the problem will continue to recur and tree removal is the only way to fix the problem permanently.

Similarly, your safety is compromised if a tree has some of its branches growing too close to the windows around your house. This is because the branches could easily cause the breakage of your window panes, thereby exposing you to a higher risk of residential break-ins in addition to creating the need for residential window repair.

Tree Health or Death

The presence of the tree could be a threat to the health of other trees in the surrounding area. This can happen if one of the trees in your backyard is suffering from a tree disease. In such a case, the continued presence of the tree in your backyard makes it easy for the disease to spread to healthy trees growing within the vicinity of the infected tree.

The death of a tree also creates the need for tree removal. A dead tree is considered an unsightly fixture in residential backyards. Getting rid of the tree helps to restore the aesthetic appeal of your yard as you previously knew it.

Blocked Drains

As trees continue to grow, their roots spread out in all directions in search of water. Drainage pipes installed below the ground level offer a steady supply of water, making them a favourite spot for tree roots.

Tree roots are a common reason for the blockage of residential drainage pipes. In order to protect your drainage system against blockage and possible damage from invasive tree roots, tree removal becomes a necessary exercise.

For more information, contact a tree removal service.