5 Types of Storm Damage That Call for Tree Removal

5 Types of Storm Damage That Call for Tree Removal

5 March 2021
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A strong and healthy mature tree is a prized asset for a homeowner because of the many benefits that trees offer. Unfortunately, when a storm strikes and your tree suffers damage, your tree may no longer provide those benefits. Worse, a storm-damaged tree can even become a hazard to you and your home due to the damage suffered in a storm. Some types of storm damage call for tree removal. In these instances, the tree will likely die and become a hazard, or it no longer benefits the landscape.

1. Major limb loss

A tree's large limbs are important because they bring in a large amount of food via photosynthesis. The loss of these major limbs can deprive a mature tree of the ability to bring in enough food. This will weaken the tree and leave it prone to disease and sickness. Mature trees can also struggle to heal after the violent loss of a large branch.

2. Loss of a large portion of the canopy

Trees need their branches to feed themselves. If a tree loses too much of its canopy, that tree may then slowly starve to death. A dead tree soon becomes a hazard to its surroundings

3. Loss of the leader

If the leader, which is the main stem from which a tree's branches sprout, breaks off, then that tree will never be the same again. Even if the tree doesn't die, you won't receive the shade that you once did. And the new and weaker branches that sprout in the aftermath won't be strong enough to withstand strong storms in the future.

4. Split trunk

Trees transport food up and down their trunk from the roots and leaves. If a storm leaves a tree's trunk split, then that tree might not be able to feed itself. Insects and disease could also invade the damaged area and gradually kill the tree.

5. Uprooted or with a severe lean

If your tree is uprooted or has a severe lean, then it will take a lot of work to save it. And even after the tree has been replaced in the soil, it might still die due to the trauma suffered by its roots. Rather than replace an uprooted or partially uprooted tree, consider removal.

Has your tree suffered badly in a recent storm? Then consider removing it. If in doubt, hire a tree professional to assess the tree before you decide what to do. If your tree is so badly damaged that it might well die, then a quick removal will ensure that the tree does not die and become a hazard to you and your home. Reach out to a tree removal professional for assistance.