5 Reasons to Invest in Weed Control Treatment for Your Property

5 Reasons to Invest in Weed Control Treatment for Your Property

19 July 2021
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Weeds can ruin your property if you let them get out of hand. And once weeds become established in an area, they are difficult to eradicate. If you have a lawn to maintain or a budding vegetable patch that struggles to thrive because of weeds, weed control treatment may be necessary.

With the appropriate weed control treatment, your property can benefit in various ways.

1. Prevent weeds from ever growing

Once weeds have grown, they begin to produce flowers and then seeds, which help them to spread further afield. And as they grow, some weeds can quickly ruin your lawn or your landscaping. For instance, the bindii weed from Australia spreads like a thick carpet over the ground, smothering everything in its path.

Fortunately, weed control treatment involves the use of pre-emergent herbicides in early spring to prevent weeds from growing.

2. Cut down on pest populations

Weeds attract multitudes of unwanted pests. For instance, the milk thistle weed tends to attract aphids, which feed on the weed's milky sap. These weeds then become host plants for large aphid colonies that may spread to the other plants on your property. By removing these weeds and preventing them from growing, you can keep pest numbers low.

3. Give your plants back their light and nutrients

Many plants struggle to grow in the presence of weeds. Weeds sap the local nutrients from the soil, leaving little for your plants or grass. And some weeds will even suck nutrients directly from the plants in your yard.

Weeds also deprive plants and grass of sunlight. Weeds grow much faster and taller than other plants. They block sunlight from reaching other plants as a result.

4. Protect children and pets

Weeds can be harmful to pets and children too. Some weeds, like the bindii weed, for instance, are prickly and can wound pets and children that walk on them. And other weeds can be poisonous to children and pets. Weeds also produce flowers that will attract pollinators like bees and wasps to your property.

5. Save yourself considerable time

If an effective weed control program can prevent weeds from growing on your property, you'll never need to waste valuable time digging weeds up. Instead, you can focus on caring for your plants and lawn.

Have invasive weeds invaded your property? Then you can benefit from a professional weed control program that helps to keep your garden weed-free throughout the year.