Caring for Trees

Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Residential Tree Removal

26 January 2021
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Trees elevate the appearance of a landscape. Not only do they add much-needed shade from Australia's heat but they all can add a pop of colour, depth and all-round visual interest to your yard. Nonetheless, there may come a time when you need your tree to be removed and it is up to you to know when to call in an arborist to handle this job for you. While the DIY approach may be enticing since it is free, you should know that you will be putting yourself, bystanders and your property at risk of harm. Read More …

Vital Tree Removal Dos and Don’ts You Should Remember

21 December 2020
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Although tree removal plays an essential role in getting rid of diseased, overgrown, or dying trees in your home, the process can be tiresome and risky. Even the most knowledgeable and experienced tree removal experts need to have a well-articulated plan to succeed in removing a tree. For this reason, it's vital to ensure the procedure is done well without risking anyone's safety or damaging your property or that of your neighbours. Read More …

Understanding Why You Should Have Your Trees Trimmed

10 December 2020
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Tree trimming is one of the most common maintenance jobs carried out by tree surgeons, and a tree should always be trimmed by a skilled practitioner with an understanding of tree biology to prevent a tree's life being shortened or disease being introduced through the trimmed branches. You may wonder if it's really necessary to have trees trimmed since trees in a forest do just fine without any interference. However, planted trees in residential areas should be maintained in such a way that preserves their structural integrity and the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Read More …

Benefits You Will Enjoy With Tree Pruning

23 October 2020
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If there is an unhealthy tree or a tree that blocks the view in your yard, you should call professional tree services for pruning. It is advisable to save as many trees as you can, given that Australia has one of the worst rates of deforestation. Instead of cutting trees; therefore, you should have them pruned to improve safety around your home. Other benefits of tree pruning include the following: Read More …

Factors To Consider When Hiring a Tree Removal Service

16 September 2020
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Having trees in your compound helps improve the aesthetics of your home, among other things. However, there are times when lopping will not save the tree, and the only option is to cut it down. Here are some of the factors you ought to consider before you hire a tree removal service.  Local Council Regulations Depending on where you are situated in Australia, there are regulations for tree removal. Inquire from the local council about the tree removal regulations in your area. Read More …